STORIES ON HOW TO handle highload, make ecommerce project, develop a digital product AND NOT SCREW UP

It is a vendor’s instrument of communication with the supplier of goods and services, making life of b2b client much easier. Let's talk about it.

Author Dmitry Lytvynko

2018.07.18  - 7 min read


The “languages” question appears when your business is ready to conquer the market of new region or even a couple of different regions with different local languages. Let's talk about setting

Author Dmitry Lytvynko

2018.07.06  - 7 min read


The eternal question of any customer - inhouse or outsourcing. In the article we will tell you about the difference, pros and cons of the two options.

Author Maria Sereda

2018.06.27  - 4 min read

#outsourcing # HR

You’ve got the idea of application which is brand-new and will definitely shake the market. Next step is a multi-staged plan of realizing it.

Author Maria Sereda

2018.06.25  - 5 min read

#tech # app

Let’s analyze one of the most important and most underestimated positions of development team - the Project Manager.

Author Maria Sereda

2018.06.11  - 5 min read

#project management

Automation is applied when you feel like you’re wasting your money and time. As soon as automation will help you to adjust some basic processes it will result in getting fast revenue.

Author Maria Sereda

2018.05.21  - 5 min read

#business strategy

We are going to talk about the challenges and features in the designer's and a front-end developer's work over the same layout.

Author Maria Sereda

2018.05.14  - 4 min read

#frontend # design

In the digital retail business, you always have two choices. To be placed on the marketplace or create your own online store. Let's talk about the pros and cons of these options

Author Maria Sereda

2018.04.19  - 8 min read

#business strategy

In order to get a relevant evaluation of your IT partner from a technical project, you need to provide the following information. We will give you some tips on how to do it correctly

Author Maria Sereda

2018.04.17  - 5 min read

#Planning # Estimation # BusinessRequirements

Main ERP & CRM integration tips on highload eCommerce Projects

Author Maria Sereda

2018.04.05  - 6 min read

#ERP # CRM # payment system

Expertise is delivered by Serhii Denysenko, СEO of the IT outsourcing company LENAL

Author Maria Sereda

2018.03.27  - 5 min read

#team # budget # Technologies

Small tips how to create your own personal step-by-step Customer Journey Mapping

Author Maria Sereda

2018.03.20  - 8 min read

#customer relationship

We're diving deep into how to design the loyalty program and how to get most out of it.

Author Nataly Lytvyn

2018.03.07  - 4 min read

#customer relationship

Let’s study mobile elements where most eCommerce website fail.

Author Serhii Bohachenko

2018.03.01  - 4 min read

#design #mobile

Some tip to make the checkout flow smoother thus improve the conversions.

Author Serhii Bohachenko

2018.02.28  - 3 min read


Here is the short guide how to avoid common mistakes for better conversion rates.

Author Serhii Bohachenko

2018.02.21  - 3 min read


What can go wrong with product pages and how to avoid common mistakes for better conversion.

Author Serhii Bohachenko

2018.02.19  - 3 min read


We’re studying what can go wrong with product catalog and how to avoid common mistakes for better conversion.

Author Serhii Bohachenko

2018.02.13  - 3 min read


There are two approaches to design a website: using a template or making a custom web design. So let's talk about this.

Author Serhii Bohachenko

2018.02.09  - 5 min read

#design # custom # template

New Relic is an analytical and management tool that helps you collect and analyze the insights of your website.

Author Serhii Bohachenko

2018.01.25  - 4 min read


Hiring an outsourcing design team. How to organize the process, deal with misunderstandings and meet business objectives.

Author Serhii Bohachenko

2018.01.16  - 8 min read

#design #  remote team

Here are predictions about what is going to rule eCommerce and marketing in 2018 based on analytical reports and experts’ ideas on upcoming trends.

Author Serhii Bohachenko

2017.12.28  - 8 min read

##ecommerce # #marketing

2018 is approaching, it’s time to analyse and sum up the latest advancements in technology, web-development, and design.

Author Serhii Bohachenko

2017.12.15  - 13 min read

#trends #tech #design #development

Making the best out e-shop catalog takes time and here are tips how to optimize and improve it and get more sales.

Author Serhii Bohachenko

2017.11.27  - 3 min read

#eshop # catalog

You draw a pros and cons table and spend lots of effort to make that one precious and so important online product.

Author Vasil Pastushyna

2017.11.23  - 4 min read

#custom solutions # eshop

The global mobile app market is already developed and keeps growing. And the main question is crossplatform or native?

Author Vasil Pastushyna

2017.11.17  - 4 min read

#cross-platform development #native development

Remote teams are the key to solving many problems, but you have to know how to manage work procces.

Author Mariia Tintul

2017.11.14  - 5 min read

#Remote team #communication #work flow

In the era of ecommerce it is extremely important to be able to sell on the internet. And in order to sell, your company and your services must be seen.

Author Vasil Pastushyna

2017.07.29  - 2 min read


Thanks to LENAL's help, Ekosoft company managed to win 60% of the B2B market and 40% of B2C in Ukraine.

Author Mariia Tintul

2017.07.29  - 3 min read

#case #User account #mobile

The number of people who buy online is growing day by day. For example, in the United States more than half of the residents prefer online purchases.

Author Vasil Pastushyna

2017.07.24  - 3 min read


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