3 typical mistakes in organic website promotion

In the era of ecommerce it is extremely important to be able to sell on the internet. And in order to sell, your company and your services must be seen. Therefore, every entrepreneur who wants to boost their business should understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

But it's not enough to only understand what SEO is and how it works - you need to practice, experiment, and learn from your mistakes.
Sergey Denisenko, our CEO, highlights several typical mistakes that are often admitted by entrepreneurs during customizing their SEO.

1. A SEO site structure is unsuitable.
This means that the site must have a convenient and understandable structure. In addition, real and correct content. This also applies to headings, site speed, adaptability, etc. In order to solve this problem, you can simply ask friends or users how to improve the navigation of the site. Or, for example, to analyze competitors' decisions.

2. Сustom offline scripts used online.
Entrepreneurs who have good sales offline are often reluctant to go online. And if you have already reached this market, they try to work the same way as in offline. And this is often completely ineffective. If you go to the online market, you have to start from the beginning: searching for effective marketing techniques, content creation, targeting, etc.

3. Measuring the effectiveness of SEO-promotion by words that are included in the top 5 or top-10 most expensive, while the measure should be sales.
When entrepreneurs start promoting their site on the Internet, they pay the highest attention to statistics in Google Adwords. They focus on the words on which their ads should be displayed, explaining it by image or competitors. Although the most important thing is sales. Often, the exact keywords found can improve conversion and save the budget. It is on sales that we need to concentrate and build on them our marketing strategy.

This is far from all SEO-mistakes. We stopped at a point only on some of them. It's important to understand that online optimization is necessary if you want to sell. And it's better if you start it without making the mistakes we encountered. That is why from time to time we will write about our experiences.

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