How we helped Ecosoft win half of the Ukrainian eco-products retail market

There's no shame in it, we love big projects. Even more we love challenges. And more, when customers return to us with bigger and more complex tasks. That's why we love EcoSoft.

We met this company in 2015. At that time, an international manufacturer of water filters did not have a site at all. Therefore, we faced the task of creating a large software complex that would become a product full of brand information and a portal for vendors. The new site should become not only the face of the company, but also offer solutions for both large, industrial, business, and any consumer. We faced limited deadlines, requirements to maintain a large amount of content, and a task to create unique modules. In the end of this story, thanks to LENAL's help, Ekosoft company managed to win 60% of the B2B market and 40% of B2C in Ukraine.

Targeting big results enabled their achievement. We found and solved global tasks, which became the reason for our client's success, but let’s take a look at the process.

LENAL move

One of the company challenges was the high cost of getting new customers: the cost of lead was equal to his first purchase. Our team suggested creating a mobile app that would allow to instantly check the level of water pollution in a particular place. If the water is bad, the "Clean your water" button appears with the next step to make a purchase. The price of the Install was $ 0.03 and the conversion of new users into customers went to 50% of installs.


Another important task for our team was to emphasize the expertise of the company Ekosoft for both the B2B and B2C audiences. We achieved this by providing the most information in an easy and smooth interface: from the description of their own scientific department including world scientists, who work with the company, to unique product cards showcasing customer stories talking about their experience with cleaning system or filter being applied in the company, at home, etc.

User account

The Ekosoft audience is people from 25 years old. This is the target audience, who pay attention to what kind of water they and their children drink. In addition, the products are quite complicated, so it was important to provide as much information as possible about them and their usage. Therefore, we decided to make personal vendor accounts in such a way that partners received full information about all the products of the company. From documentation, to description, photos and videos of the product. In the personal dealer accounts, there are information rich reports and updates on of water pollution research results. Also, there is a feature allowing dealers to predict the volume of purchases in the nearest future, according to all the records in the system and the necessary timely filters change for each user.

Service maintenance

Ecosoft manufactures and sells water purification systems and filters. But, the company mainly profits from service provision, maintenance and filters replacement, instead of manufacturing. Accordingly, a great deal of support for the product. The system monitors purchases and warns the user in the mobile application how many days are left before the expiration. It is much easier to keep records and provide quality services.

In recent years, we helped Ecosoft launch a number of new products. We managed to place the entire catalogue of products as an ecommerce component, an interactive water quality checking map, detailed documentation for all products, unique cards with customer cases and online support helpdesk. This allowed them to get new customers, be flexible and boost sales.

The main guideline we followed working on this project was to give the most information about the brand and it's products to all participants, yet make it easy and convenient to go through it.

We remained a wonderful business relationship and we continue to grow our joint digital products together: by continuing to support the project, helping to enter new markets, develop and launch other products. And most importantly - we are glad that the level of sales is growing and our partner is evolving with it.

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