Your e-commerce loyalty program: a long-life romance

    You’ll never believe what three smart girls -Yulia Savelieva (Head of Art), Mariia Tintul (International Business Development Director) and me, Nataly Lytvyn (PR&marketing manager) could discuss at “International Women’s day” eve. Loyalty? Winning his heart? Absolutely yes. Who is he? Our client of course.  



Customer relationship


    The best new clients are the old ones   

    Business can be tricky. Sometimes it reminds chasing the white rabbit: the less you know what’s in front the more appealing it is. As soon as you win first clients, you are eager to get more. Naive as it is, the illusion that new clients are the cornerstone of your business is not the rare case. In fact it is totally not true. The proverb “A friend in hand is worth two in the bush” fits the e-commerce business now like never. Let’s have fun and draw some parallels between a love relationship in live and what your brand has with customers.


 Get together

   She hates washing-machine. Send her some flowers.

    Surprisingly, keeping old customers is not about the budget. Business becomes more and more client-oriented: the better you know your customers, their preferences, needs, worries and expectations, the closer you are to each other and the more prospects each of you will get. As there is nothing more rewarding as gratitude. In personal life, it can turn into kisses. In business it converts into love.


     The best impromptu is the planned one

    First you need to be sure why you’re the one for those who has preferred you. This sacred knowledge must be turned into a meticulously elaborated plan of how to make them coming back for more. “Attracting attention is easy; retaining it is much more difficult.”

   That’s where a well-designed customer loyalty program steps in.  And in case you do everything right you will get most out of your program. How will you know it? Your conversion rate and your revenue will give you a hint you are going in the right direction.

   Here are some tips that will help you tailor the program that can become the absolute life-long romance between your band and clients:                                                  

   Dear, I can explain everything.  Start plain. Be sure this system is exactly what they have been waiting for. Make an explainer reward page giving clear-cut idea of what exactly they will get. Provide guidelines. Show them they’re just in few steps of getting multiple benefits from following you. Use photo, video-demos and call-to-action banners to trouble-free the process. Make the simplest 3-5 steps user experience.

   I love you just the way you are.  Show them you really care. Customize your pages to their tastes. Pink is not your choice but your clients are crazy about it? Love pink, honestly. You can integrate it into buttons or even venture to change the landing-page. Your customers’ feedback will compensate you. This can confirm the clientele of “Evy’s tree”  whose feminine design keeps on gaining more and more appreciation.


Fashion model                                    

     Mutual feelings - mutual efforts Always ask their opinion.  Beside making them feel great you realize commercial goals:

  • your customers can use viral #hashtag photos with your products like top commercial of Coca Cola when each bottle had someone’s name on it or even places sometimes. This campaign got a hashtag #ShareACoke and it was top-popular for months;
  • Skittles made one of the funniest video commercials in 2017 at Youtube which resulted in significant profit’s increase as it was shared by users many times and thus increased the brand’s awareness;
  • Calvin Klein initiated a hashtag campaign #MyCalvins and asked its clients to post photos in its products at Instagram and it got a huge feedback from old users and attracted a lot of new followers;
  • in exchange you can grant your clients points for acquiring your goods with a discount;
  • they can gain points and use them for buying limited products;
  • you can initiate the funniest video ad campaign among your clients and give a prize for that;
  • all the above will enhance your sales and make your relations with clients even more loyal;


   Tell me about yourself, dear! Ask them to fill in a form to specify which types of products they prefer. Afterwards impress them with your insight by offering carefully selected items. To top it all you can add some related products. For example, Indigo Company, selling books also has partnered with museums and theaters so that you could get a ticket to some event as a part of your reward program.



   There is no one like you. Let’s be honest. It’s all about exclusivity. As soon as you proclaim it’s a limited edition you will witness a long line of uniqueness adepts on the spot. And you definitely have something in store for them:

  • Status-based rewards such as invites to various events and parties, unique products customers can’t get anywhere else, entering the circle of privileged clients.
  • Mobile apps which make their shopping much easier worldwide. Sometimes they can even encourage clients to follow healthy lifestyle, fixing their fitness results and thus make them even more enthusiastic with the brand (Nike);
  • Extra point days when the clients get discounts for certain goods;



Ladies And Bodyguards


    Let’s play. Tiered program – client pays a stipulated tier for getting up to next level. Just like in computer games, the more you invest, the more you get. The whole process looks like a real treasure-hunt revealing one by one such gifts as early access to sales, scarce number of products, VIP service, etc.


Tennis Players Girl

    Building up a relationship with your clients is a hard work. But its loyalty compensates it all in case you’ve made the right offer. And remember: relationships never die a natural death. They are always murdered by attitude, behavior, ego or ignorance. Please, keep it in mind and your customers and you will live happily ever after.  


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