50+ PSD page concepts
  250 hours of development
  10 experts in the team
  42 crazy ideas

Project goal

EcoSoft is a big water purification products retailer/producer now operating in 46 countries around the world producing at least 5 new product lines for the market each year. The main challenge was to digitalize most of the processes in the company, which we gladly accepted.

- Liashenko Alona , Project manager

Main tasks

- connect dealers and EcoSoft, give them the latest updates and ability to manage orders within the platform;

- acquisition of new users throughout the platform and engagement with current users by both the ability to check their water quality and order products online

- internal management system for client monitoring through omni channel and reports to provide the best service support for clients, which is the main monetization scheme of the company


LENAL move

One of the main problems of the company was a high cost of the new customers acquisition, it was equal to the first purchase cost usually. Understanding such tight corner our team has come up with the following solution: we suggested to create a mobile application with indirect sales point - the initial purpose of the App was to give a person a way to check the water contamination level by as simple as checking on the map. The areas usually already had the analysis before or suggested to invite the expert if there was no data on chosen location in the system. App showed the water analysis provision in the simplest way and when the water was of a bad quality it showed the button Clean your water! with further step for the purchase. The price of the Install went to $0.03 and the conversion of the new users into customers went to 50% of installs.






The result

A big digital complex of a several applications both on web and mobile: an e-commerce website, corporate vendor platform, iOS and Android applications, landing pages network. Improved communication channels with all players, big content platform for both customers and vendors, reporting systems and forecasting of future orders, mobile application to acquire and further engage with the users in the most convenient way.