Belorussian Doors company is in it’s niche market since 2005. Today they are the leaders in selling customly created doors in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. LENAL is working with the company for 3 years on 5 different digital products. One of the newest was the corporate website for the company to be displayed on European market. The company has more than 250 stores in their offline network and is actively expanding their online strategy.

General description

Understanding the company’s corporate style we have crafted the concepts and thought through the main modules together with the Client. We created the design according to the brand book and giving the smoothest experience to the user.

A few more details

The number of users going to websites using mobile is increasing every year, so obviously we have worked our way in creating mobile version for the website. The process of buying the door itself is much more complex than we would imagine before working with such a brand. There are a lot of components to be considered in the process of choosing the desired order, which influences the price. We have created a dynamic website and it is as smooth and clear as possible for the user without specific knowledge about this product calculator to make the purchase easy.

The result

A network of 5 digital products enabling the company to pursue the online strategy and grow the numbers in sales and promotion. Working with a number of countries the company stays with us as a technology partner for more than 3 years now letting all digital tasks within LENAL expertise.

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