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Creating an online solution for a very sensitive matter

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Due to relocation and migration there are many abandoned and unmanaged graves around the world. People usually ask friends if they could help taking care of a relative’s grave. Even more complicated, some graves get lost especially if a person has left the country for a long time. iGraveCare helps to search for graves with the assistance of modern technology and take care of them.

Project’s structure

We developed 4 components of the project:
  • – Website where user can make and control an order
  • – Independent CRM system for each service member
  • – Mobile app for users where they can make a request, control its execution and watch the entire history of actions associated with a particular grave.
  • – Mobile app for agents where they can receive orders and all actions are recorded.
Both applications are cross-platform and developed on React Native.

Lenal Move

Customized CRM system with special access for major service providers like agents, regional managers, super managers, investors and individual orders. The first step in this service is a search for the grave. This complex service includes: a grave location search; the assessment of its technical and aesthetic condition; a registration of the found grave site in the database; and, an assignment of a unique identification number. So the CRM system is the main tool for controlling this process. And after this, the search company provides cleaning services.
CRM system


Currently, startup serves graves at about 2.000 cemeteries in Armenia, Israel and Ukraine. In 2018 it plans to add several European countries. So we implemented a project’s localisation and an ability to scale for different markets.


The app allows a user to send media files, chat and make payments. Basically all vendors can use features like registering the request, assigning it to a specific manager, reporting on the progress and even sending a before-and-after photo. All these features were developed within the product. Yet we had to make quite some adjustments as the specific gives a very sensitive connotation for the users.

Integration with pay system

We’ve chosen a system that supports React Native apps and all instruments for making payments available: purchases, refunds, replenishment of cards, p2p transfers, etc. Our payment system partner, Fondy, has developed an SDK for React Native framework. Users can make payments with Visa and MasterCard in a mobile app. In this case, the startup doesn’t need to pass PCI DSS certification, while the payment module is built in such a way that all the card data is transferred and stored on Fondy's protected servers..
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