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Project goal

Mamamia!, which isone of the most popular and successful networks of pizza restaurants and delivery services in Ukraine has come up with a decision to rethink their digital presence and develop a new website. The task - create fresh and easy website allowing customers to interact with the restaurants and delivery services in the most convenient way.

Features implemented

An instantly available interactive restaurant menu is ready to form the order on the fly. A customer not only can order the standard options from the menu, but create his/her own custom pizza, divide one pizza into 2 different types, or even create a Combo-box getting different things together. All of these choices can be saved into the personal account and be ordered in just a few clicks ever after.

The order can be done both for the delivery or to be completed and served in any of the locations. When completing the order, a customer can specify the exact date and time for the order to be ready/delivered.

Now a personal account has even more than just a history of orders and personal receipts, there is also a personal bonus achieved in the Mamamia! loyalty program available and the ability to save your addresses for the future deliveries.

In the new section "Restaurants" there is the fullest info about each restaurant, including the map of the tables inside available for booking and the 3D tour through each location. Also there is a page telling about the events in every location and your ability to book a table to participate in any of those.