30+ PSD page concepts
  350 hours of development
  10 experts in the team
  35 crazy ideas

Project goal

UKRSIBBANK is an official Ukrainian branch of BNP Paribas Bank with more than 500 offices in Ukraine. In 2015 the bank had started the process of placing private premium clients into a separate client group and creating VIP-level service for this segment. Given this structural change, the need arose to create a new web platform

- Liashenko Alona , Project manager

Main tasks

Become the main informational web platform for the Premium and VIP clients that would also bring some value to the Clients and help them manage the finances within the bank in a smart way. Design one of the sales points for the users to discover and order new products available in the bank. Follow the high security standards in the platform both in development and production. Create an easy and intuitive user experience for the Clients in learning about and choosing bank services

Interactive map

Implemented with specific search capacity to enable fast and convenient search for the nearest VIP bank department, ATM and their variations or partner facility. Also highlight which of the facilities have safes or meeting rooms

What’s more

- Firm security measures were taken in all of the development process: licenced software, security check on the team and strict guidelines for all production processes.

- Topnotch User Experience allowing a user to enjoy the website and intuitively navigate in it. We made the easiest user scenario done in just seconds, knowing how this segment values time and relevancy on-the-fly

- Convenient Admin Panel for bank personnel to update the information both on content blocks using already standardized page constructor and a map. Also, we made sure the managers have control over the incoming request through the Panel.

- Partner third-party database integration that update the information on the website and the map.

- Highload technologies were implemented to ensure the momentary page loads and fast interaction with all databases involved in the project and solving it with an interesting architecture solution.



LENAL move

We have implemented a sophisticated DataBase architecture using Oracle DataGuard. This technology enables the creation of a Master-Master replication which ensures the highest operational-fail resilience, spreads the application and databases to different data centers, and if any fail is detected, makes a backup of the system using the redirection of the traffic to another server automatically. One of the main specialties is that it also allows the redirection of the requests and data of the user live, which makes the platform fully operational and invincible to data or even live transaction loss.



The result

An easy yet content rich Premium level platform available in three languages and from any device. An easily manageable Admin Panel enables the administration of almost 1,000 unique pages being done by three content managers on the bank side. And the main result was the maximum satisfaction of the VIP bank Clients