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Whether you have a business needing a solution, or are just looking for a technology partner to boost your development, we have everything you need to solve both challenges. Just take a look at which area interests you most now.

Custom e-commerce solution with broad variety of features and capabilities
Highload shops with over a million SKUs and high volume of users daily
Complex niche solutions when selling not a typical product
Simple online shop in 3 weeks
Product and UX discovery
Competitors and market analysis
Performance testing and metrics
Promotion channel analysis
Development planning and
time frame management
Technical documentation creation
Advertising and promotion
Marketing business audit
Main logic and user scenario
UX prototyping
Motion design
UI design
Professional agile project
Auto and manual testing by QA
Media services

Areas of expertise:


Interacting with users and making
sure they get the most out of the
platform or app


Knowing all the specifics and most
effective practices are our specialty

media projects

Handling big media storage and
knowing how to work with newsfeeds
and data

corporate websites and services

Featuring the best of the organizations
and driving users to the right action

B2B systems

Ensuring smooth and effective
cooperation between business in any
way possible

Service platforms

Interacting with users and making
sure they get the most out of the
platform or app

Big Data and Highload

Analyzing data in any shape and
manipulating various operations
through difficult server structures

Terminal applications development

Bringing a whole new experience to
users, while optimizing processes and

Niche solutions

Digging deep into a specific area,
analyzing users behavior and
innovating digital presence

How we work:


You have an idea you wish to bring to life? Our
team has full cycle development capabilities to
make things happen. Your project is under
control and, by using Scrum, we will make sure
you are deeply involved in the process and kept
on track with the progress.


Do you need additional resources for your
team or want to create a new one for long
We can arrange the necessary experts
on-the-fly and fully dedicate them to your project.
You can directly manage the developers and QA,
or also get a project manager from our staff.

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